Creation Congress


Dear scientists, dear researchers,

It is an honor to invite you to the “8th INTERNATIONAL CREATION CONGRESS IN THE LIGHT OF SCIENCE” to be held at Üsküdar University on October 24, 25 and 26, 2024.

Our congress is based on " a "holistic approach to creation" in the fields of natural, social, health, engineering, educational and religious sciences. The objectives of the congress include scientific contributions to the literature on creation, raising the awareness of the academic and intellectual community in terms of a holistic view, developing accurate and reliable knowledge instead of the biased and coercive paradigms of materialistic tendencies and various ideological approaches in this field. In this way, valuable and important contributions will be made to the scopes of scientists and of the present and future generations.

The main topics of the congress are as follows:

- Creation in the light of natural and health sciences

- Creation and Darwinism in the light of the social sciences

- Creation in the light of the communication sciences

- Creation in the light of the religious sciences

- Creation in the light of art, architecture and engineering sciences

- Evaluation of the theory of evolution

- Criticism of curricula with respect to creation

- The axis of artificial intelligence in the space of creation

We firmly believe that the congress dealing with studies on such important topics will make a valuable contribution to the scientific field, academic community and social life. We would be very happy to see you, valuable scientists, among us and offer you the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience in line with these goals.

We would like to thank you in advance for your contributions and support and extend our warmest greetings in the hope of welcoming you.

Prof. Hikmet KOÇAK
On Behalf of Organization Committee
Congress President