Abstract Submission

1. The content of the abstract must be in accordance with the purpose and concept/framework of the congress.
2. The paper must be an original study that contributes to science.
3. Abstracts must be prepared in both Turkish and English. It is left to the discretion of foreign writers to write summaries in Turkish.
4. Titles of abstracts should adequately reflect the subject and content of the paper and the title should not be too long.
5. Texts of abstracts; The paper must adequately reflect its purpose, subject, scope, findings and conclusions. (If it is an applied research, the methods used and findings should also be included in the summary.)
6. The texts of abstracts should not be less than 300 words and more than 500 words.
7. There should be at least 3 and at most 6 keywords.
8. Abstracts will be evaluated by three different referees who have expertise in the relevant field, and the appropriate papers will be accepted to be presented as oral or poster presentations. Evaluation results will be notified to the authors via e-mail.
9. The abstract and full text of the paper must be compatible.
10. Acceptance and publication of the summary paper does not mean acceptance of the full text paper.
11. Papers should be directly related to the author's field of expertise or an expert author on the subject should be added.

• Posters should be 70 (width) x 90 (height) cm in size and should be prepared to be read from a distance of one meter.
• Posters will be prepared in Turkish or English.
• Poster title must be at least 2.5 cm in size. The names of the authors and the institution they work for should be stated under the title.
• Posters will be placed in the specified place on the date and time to be notified.
• Authors must be present with their posters on the specified day, time and place for the poster discussion.

• Oral presentations will be made in Turkish and/or English.
• Oral presentation time is 15 minutes.

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